We accept only 10-13 people per bootcamp and that is because we want to keep the quality of the Bootcamp high and offer our services to each individual according to their needs. The places are often booked quite quickly so we recommend you to book your seat as soon as possible. Almost all the passes, as well as the lectures, are being held in one group but the running and walking sessions are being held in two groups. One for those who prefer a more balanced and gentle training pace (walking) and one for those who want a more intense and challenging experience (running).

Training : Our training is created in a way to keep you active for a week, challenge you but definitely not exhaust you. To view an example please check our actual bootcamps.

  1. A Preliminary


The daily schedule of activities is not obligatory. Should you feel skipping yoga or running some days or simply go for a walk in the town that’s absolutely fine!

*Please note that the following schedule is an example.

Day 1

Today almost everyone from our group will arrive. The ones that are hungry will enjoy a freshly prepared meal and later on, we will proceed with the presentation of the group and the activity schedule. Yoga, Dinner, personal consultations and Late Meditation Session will take place

Day 2 - Day 7

During these days we are having our usual morning yoga session, breakfast, training sessions, snacks, lunch, siestas, we enjoy the beach for a swim, train again, meditate, play chess to train our minds, have lectures and we will probably eat dinner at the garden accompanied by the sound of waves. Every day is different at wellbeing bootcamp. We are happy to tailor our schedule according to the needs of each of our guests and the group as a whole.

Day 8

For almost everyone, this is the day of leaving wellbeing bootcamp with hearts and minds filled with energy, inspiration and charged batteries for the winter. We take a short meditation session and a city walk for those who want and kiss goodbye until we meet again!


In all Wellbeing Bootcamps this is what is included:

  • Airport pickup and transportation (the first and last day of the bootcamp)
  • Your Beach Front Accommodation
  • 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) all organic products fresh, healthy meals, prepared in-house daily by locally sourced, natural, and chemical free Ingredients (Vegetarian, vegan friendly/please inform us for your special diet or allergies and we will provide you a tailored meal)
  • Unlimited water, herbal teas juices and fruits
  • Daily Yoga classes
  • Daily meditation classes
  • Daily training, running, walking
  • Time for relaxation and recovery
  • Educational seminar on longevity
  • Educational seminar on wellbeing’s mindset
  • Personalized wellness assistance during the week
  • Sea swimming
  • Tips on to local areas of interest and beaches
  • Delbetalning, card payment, swish and direct bank options

Not included

  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Cancelation Insurance/Protection
  • Health Insurance





Resilience: Resilience is our ability to deal with adversities. Flexibility and adaptation are virtues that one can conquer but you are still able to remain focused on your targets. Like Reynold Neighbor said: Have the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.

What is the worst that can happen: The goal of a man is to achieve serenity so that all the bad feelings are absent and most beautiful ones are present. The Stoic philosophers practiced what is often called “what is the worst that can happen”. They practiced a negative projection of what the worst that could happen is and so noticed the negative events as thoughts without letting them concern them.

Meditation: The knowledge of what is in our control and what is not is a core value in stoicism and meditation. A human is not affected by events rather than by the way one addresses them.

Ιmpermanence: The only thing that exists in the present. We should not be worried about the past or the future but neither be arrogant.

Everything is transient around us and as we understand that we learn to worry less but also to appreciate and love the present and our surroundings.

Anti-fragility and its 3 core values: Bad things may happen but we have to build our lives in a way that make us more resilient and less fragile when things go wrong. 1. We add surpluses in our lives. 2. We should be conservative in some areas and take risks in others. 3. We should eliminate things and situations that make us fragile.


Accommodation is selected in order to fit our mindset. According to studies for a healthy long life, humans need to connect and return to nature once in a while. Studies show that nature experiencing for urban inhabitants improves mental health and decreases depression. Through a week at a beachfront area, we are eager to increase opportunities for social engagement, physical activity, lower exposure to pollution and increase the role of each individual as a part of a community in a unique way. Therefore, have we chosen not to rent usual hotel rooms rather than villas or other beachfront accommodations that comply with our mindset and core values. Most of the times we choose studios or villas that allow us to experience serenity as well as activeness escaping the urban stressful lifestyle. Housekeeping and service is included as well as our cook that prepares your meals every day.


We offer organic and biological meals produced locally with high nutritional values and detox effects.


If you find a flight one day before or after the Bootcamp dates, we offer
accommodation free of charges. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is not included in the package but we do recommend it.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is also highly recommended but for trips within the EU, if you are an
EU citizen your blue health card should do fine.