Wellbeing Bootcamp is created with all our passion and love for the wellness of the body and the mind. It is not only a fitness retreat but also an introduction to a healthier lifestyle aiming to a longer, happier, healthier life.



Our mission is to bring light into ours and other people’s lives


Our vision is to be coaches that inspire, motivate and train our community one retreat at a time giving them valuable life equipment to carry with them even after the bootcamp.


Philoxenia and Companionship
Professionalism and Quality
Health and Wellbeing


Wellbeing Bootcamp’s most valuable asset is the founders’ passion for wellness and fitness, as well as the experiences of its founder, Martina.

Martina has always been devoted to wellness and wellbeing of the body and the mind.

Being a professional ballet dancer for more than ten years, Martina has been elegant, dedicated, expressive and passionate about the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle.

Later on, she was inspired by yoga’s philosophy, and the Japanese philosophy of finding ones Ikigai.

Together with her discipline and professionalism, she has worked within the industry of well-being for more than a decade.

She is now an Ashtanga yoga instructor and owner of Wellbeing Bootcamp, a dream that has become real.


Varför oss

Why Us

Our Mission Vision and Values have guided us in creating a noncommercial wellbeing Bootcamp which focuses on each individual alone but also on the importance of the group as a whole. Our main focus is on yoga, full body training like Tabata, 360 body and other variations, meditation, running, walking, swimming and nutritionoriented retreats which aim in a body and mind active detox and recovery.

From the island of Ikaria in Greece to the Okinawa village in Japan, two of the 5 blue zones on earth and the most known places for wellbeing, longevity, and happiness, researchers have demonstrated the top five factors for a long happy healthy life.

First of all is the feeling of belonging to a group or being an active part of a small society. The second factor is everyday activity by reuniting with nature. The third is nutrition rich in fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The fourth is meditation. The last one is finding the meaning of your life or in other words your ikigai. Through our retreats, we aim to share with you all of our knowledge, fill you with motivation, guide you through a yoga practice and training and give you the tools to look within yourself and discover your own truth.

We urge you to raise your selfawareness, follow an active and energetic everyday lifestyle, eat healthily, meditate and do so at your own pace. Wellbeing Bootcamp is here for you even after the retreat as you will forever be a part of our community. We will perhaps meet again in our next retreat.

Focus within you

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