13-20 NOVEMBER 2018

SUNNY RAINBOW BOOTCAMP 13-20 November 2018


We accept only 10-13 people per bootcamp and that is because we want to keep the quality of the Bootcamp high and offer our services to each individual according to their needs. The places are often booked quite quickly so we recommend you to book your place as soon as possible.

According to studies for a healthy long life, humans need to connect and return to nature once in a while. Studies show that nature experiencing for urban inhabitants improves mental health and decreases depression. Through a week at our beachfront villa in Euboea island, we are eager to increase opportunities for social engagement, physical activity, lower exposure to pollution and increase the role of each individual as a part of our community in a unique way.




Wellbeing Bootcamp is not only a fitness retreat but also an introduction to a healthier lifestyle aiming for a longer and happier life.

The urban lifestyle can be stressful and exhausting. You don’t always have the time to give your mind and body the attention it deserves. Wellbeing Bootcamp is here to take you on a fantastic journey for a week. You can lay back and relax while we take care of the details of you're training, meals, inspiration, and housekeeping throughout the bootcamp. Our Bootcamp is aimed to activate detox and recover your body and mind. Through our retreats, we aim to share with you all of our knowledge and help you look into yourself by initiating you in our way of living. We urge you to raise your self-awareness, follow an energetic everyday lifestyle, eat healthily, meditate and do so at your own pace. Wellbeing Bootcamp is here for you even after the retreat as you will forever be a part of our community.

Whether you want to enjoy this time on your own or share the experience with friends, you are more than welcome.

Do you have any recommendation, preference, difficulty or simply any wondering please don’t hesitate to contact us before or during the bootcamp. We at Wellbeing Bootcamp have all the goodwill to assist you with any of your wonderings or difficulties. 



  •  Airport transportation (the first and last day of the bootcamp)
  •  Your Private Beach Front Accommodation
  • 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and snacks. All organic products fresh, healthy meals, prepared in-house daily by your private chef. All local products (Vegetarian, vegan-friendly/please inform us for your special diet or allergies and we will provide you a tailored meal)
  •  Unlimited water, herbal teas juices, and fruits
  •  Daily Ashtanga Yoga
  •  Daily meditation
  •  Daily training (running or walking some days)
  •  Time for relaxation and recovery
  •  Educational seminar on yogas philosophy
  •  Educational seminar on wellbeing’s mindset
  •  Personalized wellness assistance during the week
  •  Sea swimming
  •  Tips on to local areas of interest and beaches
  •  Chess night to trigger the mind with a chess trainer explaining the benefits of chess and strategy games for the brain.
  •  Delbetalning, card payment, direct bank options
  •  Housekeeping and cleaning


  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Cancelation Insurance/Protection
  • Health Insurance





Please note that the following schedule is an example.

Day 1

Today almost everyone from our group will arrive. The ones that are hungry will enjoy a freshly prepared meal and later on, we will proceed with the presentation of the group and the activity schedule. Yoga, Dinner, personal consultations and Late Meditation Session will take place

Day 2 - Day 7

During these days we are having our usual morning yoga session, breakfast, training sessions, snacks, lunch, siestas, we enjoy the beach for a swim, train again, meditate, play chess to train our minds, have lectures and we will probably eat dinner at the garden accompanied by the sound of waves. Every day is different at wellbeing bootcamp. We are happy to tailor our schedule according to the needs of each of our guests and the group as a whole.

Day 8

For almost everyone, this is the day of leaving wellbeing bootcamp with hearts and minds filled with energy, inspiration and charged batteries for the winter. We take a short meditation session and a city walk for those who want and kiss goodbye until we meet again!


This waterfront villa has a private beach and is the work of art of the famous Greek architect Zenetos. A bioclimatic house built by an architect who cared greatly about the environment. A carefully designed residence of 250 ㎡, in complete harmony with the sea and It, is tucked into the existing land of 7,500 of pine trees. Euboia is a popular VIP holiday getaway. The ancient city is 2km from the villa. In Euboia you could visit ancient sites, medieval castles, Byzantine churches, and monasteries and enjoy the unique ecosystem, sand, and pebble beaches. Euboea boasts fruitful valleys, forests, caves, gorges and magical shores with tranquility and charming fishing villages.


We accept only 10-13 people per bootcamp and that is because we want to keep the quality of the Bootcamp high and offer our services to each individual according to their needs. The places are often booked quite quickly so we recommend you to book your seat as soon as possible. Almost all the passes, as well as the lectures, are being held in one group but the running and walking sessions are being held in two groups. One for those who prefer a more balanced and gentle training pace (walking) and one for those who want a more intense and challenging experience (running).

Training : Our training is created in a way to keep you active for a week, challenge you but definitely not exhaust you. To view an example please check our actual bootcamps.


Besides clothing and personal items, you don’t have to bring with you any equipment.

Weather Forecast

The climate in November is still warm and a bit summery! You should expect at least 14-20 degrees and sun but at night it can be a bit windy so take a jacket with you!

Leaders and coworkers






Fly to Athens

Book flights to Athens, Athens-Elefthérios Venizélos International Airport. It is the closest airport to the Euboia island.
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Want to experience beautiful Greece and the wonderful nature with your private beach and cook while meeting and being inspired by like-minded people, then you’re coming with us! Our goal is a healthier lifestyle that aims for a longer, happier and
healthier life. Our mission is to bring light to our and other peoples lives. Our vision is to be coaches who inspire, motivate and train our community through every bootcamp and give our customers valuable equipment for life even after the

In addition to the experience and the community, we want it to be easy for you. You will have an overall experience where you do not have to spend any time on planning or thinking about details. We take care of everything. Just to book and pack the bag.

Sure, just think about that you might have to share a room with someone else that travels alone.

Pay at you own pace with Payson, Card, Swish, Direct bank, Pay-pal

You pay the full amount together with the booking and then a booking confirmation will be sent with the rest of the information to the email address you provided. If you do not get this, please check your junk mail, otherwise please contact immediately


The booking for the bootcamp is binding. See possibilities for cancellation in our terms and conditions.

Unfortunately it is not possible. You may always e-mail us your preference but we can not guarantee anything.


• The cost per person for our Wellbeing Bootcamps in 2018 is 12,900 SEK. (incl. taxes) per person.
• This price is based on people sharing a double room or a quartet room of 56㎡.
• Please advise of any special dietary requirements at least two weeks prior to your weekend. Please advise us if your special request is a medical condition, a dietary choice or simply a dislike.
• Smoking is not allowed in the villa -including vapor cigarettes- or in any area of the building. You can freely smoke outside of the property!
• All towels are supplied. A bikini and flip-flops are a good idea to have with you as well as a jacket for the evenings.
• Don’t forget your walking or running shoes.
• Appart from our common excursions to the city, if you wish to visit the town or go shopping individually we will be happy to assist you by booking a taxi for you but you will have to stand for the cost (it is not expensive to use taxis in Euboea)
• At Wellbeing Bootcamp we tolerate no discrimination or sexual harassment. Everyone is welcome regardless of gender, ethnicity, gender identity or gender expression, social background, ability to work, sexual orientation, age, religion or other beliefs.